Embarking Future. A proct by Madeleine Schwinge hosted by re:future Lab.

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Your pathway to a better future

In a time of unprecedented uncertainty, many of us are searching for understanding, meaning and orientation. Every external shift is accompanied by a disruption of our inner reality. Learned truths, life plans and the way we think and act are questioned. The world around us is changing rapidly and we, in it and as part of it, cannot remain as we are.

In an age in which artificial intelligence and algorithms will be increasingly shaping the future, more than ever before profound human talents and qualities are needed to master the massive challenges we face. We are called to reinvent ourselves, socially and personally. This, knowing about history, knowing about the risks and with a firm belief in a better tomorrow.

re:future Lab COLLEGE presents a mentoring and workshop program for Mindshift and Future Design. In an arty environment and by the help of artistic appproaches we offer a platform to work on everyday issues or develop your navigation system for a fully satisfied and happy life. You can chosse the suitable format for you: wether a exklusive talks or in a workshop small group,